Friday, April 8, 2016

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How to unite without out alienating is the key in the 21st Century

Let's Go Green for the
 Life on it.

Networks are missing a lot when they can't stream for free. Remember the 60's & 70's ie; Happy Days.
To bad so sad, the Greed of it all.

America is divided By what? Cable Television. We Need to Fix This. & Never let it happen again.

Kordkutters unite, screw the commericals or at least get them for free.

Charter communication's
Lost $5000.00 dollars 3+ years ago when the company went Bankrupt. and now Charter communication's is buying Time Warner communications. Shame on what? Charter communication's just takes their previous shareholders money, Something is wrong with this.

When you ship bottled water to Boston for a student, could there be a infrastructure problem in America?
Maybe Logistics will work.